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How to Add a Social Media Link to Your Email Signature

February 13, 2018

How to Add a Social Media Link to Your Email Signature

Social Media is a Compelling Complement for any Email

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of an effective email campaign. Insofar as it’s easier than ever to filter out unwanted interference, the time is now for you to ensure your content is as compelling as you can make it. One of the ways you do this is by embedding social media in an email. Social media is, of course, as and even more prevalent than ever––a trend on an endless upward trajectory. Why would you ignore it?


Social Media and Email Compound Each Other

Common sense indicates you feature one of the more popular means of communication in another one: social media in an email. In the event you were unaware this is even possible, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get into how, specifically, you embed social media in an email. Every business needs a social media presence. If you own or are beginning a business of your own, open a new tab and move on making a few accounts of your own.


Step 1: Look up a Social Media Icon

If you already have social media accounts, your first act is to look up social media icons for whichever platforms you’re looking to link with. Many of the major brands offer landing pages on which they give their Brand Assets for download. Here are the links for Facebook and Twitter. Download the ones you plan you display on an email or else, if you have the benefit of a graphic designer, set your employee about creating a unique version of them.


Uploading Instructions

Once you’ve downloaded the image, open up an email server. For the purposes of the article, we’ll focus on Gmail. Click on the gear in the top right corner, underneath the letter of your name. Select “Settings.” Find the section for signature. Now is the time to include any information you would like to show up other than the image for your social media link. Bear in mind the easiest route is merely typing out a hyperlink, which automatically links to a page.


Add an Icon in a Signature

Instead, however, we’re going to be a little more sophisticated. Click the gray square with a little mountain inside, which, if you hover on it, will say “Insert Image.” Upload the Social Media Brand Asset you downloaded from your favorite service before. If you are all right with the version of the image you’ve acquired, move on. Once you upload an image, it will appear in the space beneath the button.


Make an Icon a Hyperlink

If the image is now where your cursor is blinking, highlight it. Select the chain link icon, which will say “Link” if you hover on it. In another tab, pull up your social media profile of choice. Copy and then paste the URL into the area on the right of “Web Address” in Gmail. In our case, for example, we’d highlight “https://twitter.com/abilityseo” and put it in the space next to “Web Address.”


Test It!

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save Changes.” If you’d like to add any other social media icons, repeat the process. Begin by moving your cursor left or right of the existing icon and uploading the new icon as before. For certainty, fire off an email for yourself and see whether the image appears as expected, linking to the designated social media profile. Instead of repeating the entire process for every email address in a company, for example, you may copy and paste the signature from the email you sent yourself. Enjoy!

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