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4 tips that will boost engagement on LinkedIn

February 17, 2020

4 tips that will boost engagement on LinkedIn



Video marketing to enhance engagement


There is an old saying that says, sharing is caring, which is very apt to the right way of sharing content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. However, most of us have a tendency when we share content whether it is photos, blogs, whitepapers, or videos, it is all about how we feel, what we think, and how we connect to it. The opposite should be true, it should not be about us, but our customers.

The following are four ways of sharing content that will delight your customers who will be drawn to your company by some super-magnetic force-called chemistry.

According to LinkedIn, “more than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. Furthermore, 87% of users trust LinkedIn as a source of information that affects decision-making.” “It’s no wonder why b2b businesses experience a 61% success rate in customer acquisition using LinkedIn”.


Video content optimization


1) How to create an exciting text-based post!

Consider why you click on a link to an article on LinkedIn, or other social media channel; or pick up a publication to read. It could be because of a catchy headline that draws your eye, or a compelling question that stimulates your thinking, or an image that captivates your imagination.

The goal of sharing a text-based post on LinkedIn- similar to any other Social Media channel-needs to inspire and engage your audience. By placing a compelling hook or question in the first line of a post, it is more likely to interest your audience and start a conversation.

Remember, just like you, your audience isn’t spending all day browsing up and down their news feed. The content that is most likely to compel them to click on your post will be dealing with their pain points.






Longer-form content to tell your company's story


2) Longer-form Content that allows you to tell your story!

As well as sharing concise, shorter text-based content, LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to develop original, enlightening content, much like a blog or article. If you are unfamiliar with this, my recommendation is sharing what you learned from a conference or talk. You may also want to create content based on a compelling conversation you've had with a customer or client.

There are several benefits to long-form content, such as it increases exposure to your organization's brand. By writing posts regularly on your company's product offerings, technologies developed by your company, or thought-provoking issues in your industry, you will build up a strong following.

The more followers you get, the more impact and influence your posts will have on your customers. And one day, your followers will see you as a respected industry expert whose perspectives they value, so why not start today!

One example of an industry leader that has built up an impressive following is Ian Read, the CEO of a large pharma company called Pfizer.

Read writes stirring long-form content that generates plenty of engagement on LinkedIn. He currently has 108,000 followers and posts a broad array of articles and blogs.

His posts cover everything from treating diseases in developing countries to career tips for young professionals. Among his most successful posts are career tips that achieved 60,000 views and well over 200 comments.




You Tube compared to native videos

3) Sharing Embedded YouTube Clips and Native-Videos maximize engagement and revenue!


Visual content gets the most engagement on almost every social media channel, and LinkedIn is no different. There are several types of visual content commonly shared on the LinkedIn platform such as embedded links to blogs, whitepapers, info-graphics, and videos.

You may want to share an inspiring Ted Talk as an embedded YouTube Link, a photograph of your company's new product line or technology, or you can choose to produce your very own native video.


Biteable defines a native video as video content that is created or downloaded on LinkedIn, or on any other social media channel, which is different from sharing a link of a YouTube or Vimeo video that you can share on LinkedIn. The attraction of native videos is they don't interrupt the user experience with avoidable clicks or opening of new windows- increasing the chance of boosting engagement levels.

Videos are a tool in a shorter form that viewers can easily digest. Video-based posts also generate a lot of engagement. The Aberdeen Group demonstrated that companies that share video also grow their revenue at a rate of 49%, much faster rate than companies that don't use video-based content.

Marketing expert Neil Patel cites research from wyzowl.com that highlights the effectiveness of sharing video content: wyowl.com found that 97% of businesses believed that video enriches users' understanding of a service or product.

Patel says that something that every organization should consider is sharing content that builds empathy with their customers. He suggests sharing native videos focusing on a new product offering that your customers are eagerly anticipating or sharing a video-based interview with an employee with a special talent-not necessarily work-related. Both these forms of content help to “humanize your brand”.






Scheduling your posts for optimum days



4) Scheduling your posts for optimum days and times to post content

Now we have explored various forms of sharing content on LinkedIn, a question that we need to answer is what are the best days and times to share content. You may have an original piece that will enhance your customers' understanding of a service or product offering, but if you post it at the wrong time of day, you won't be getting maximum reach.

Clifford Chi writing for Hubspot says getting optimal results depends on the days and times your audience engages with your content. Chi says this involves experimentation and iteration throughout the year. If your business has few resources for accomplishing this, Chi recommends using Sprout Social.

Sprout Social performed an analysis based on Central Day Time (CDT). The results of the analysis showed that the most optimum times for posting are between 3 PM to 5 PM on Wednesdays' CDT (consistent with the coschedule.com research); 8 AM to 10 AM CDT; 10 AM to 12 PM were also times of high customer engagement. They also found that Thursdays' between 1 PM to 3 PM were also optimal.

Coschedule performed 25 tests on various social media channels. They found that more people engaged with LinkedIn during working hours. They found weekends were times people used LinkedIn less. Optimal times also differed between B2B and B2C businesses. Coschedules research pinpointed that Wednesdays were days of high engagement for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Clifford Chi says that in the middle of the week, people are at their most productive, hence when activity on LinkedIn is at its peak. Chi says that 8 AM to 10 AM times are when most people are starting their workday. The weekends showed a decrease in engagement because people are at home. LinkedIn is a channel for professionals. As for Mondays', people are just starting their working week, where Fridays are at the end of the week.

Take the content sharing ride to go above and beyond engagement levels!

Many Pharma or CRO companies aren't capitalizing enough on touching their customers with content that inspires interest and strengthens their brand.

They are neglecting a new world of content waiting for them to dip in and explore. LinkedIn offers exciting opportunities to create original content to inspire your customers' interest, native videos to boost engagement, and which can also show the human face of your organization, plus images you can share, embedded YouTube Links, and more.

Think of content as a scientific experiment, where you can try out a variety of solutions. You can even pinpoint the best times, days of the week for content sharing. Follow the example of CEO Ian Read. He produces original pieces on a range of topics that touch and inspire his customers and contacts. And there is no reason why you can't do the same!

Why resist, when you can be proactive and create valuable relationships with your network of customers, and even beyond that!

In the words of the epoch-defining Captain Kirk from Star Trek, your mission is “To go boldly where no man (or CRO, Pharma, or Life Sciences Company) has gone before”-if not now, when?!






Using video marketing opens up the gate to a  new world