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Why Do Some Sites Rank Higher than Others on Google?

Specifically, how can SEO help my site rank better in Baltimore?  That's what you're thinking right? Here's the quick answer:

  • Be More Relevant
  • Be More Local 
  • Be More Authoratative

Here's what those terms mean for your website and for your SEO.  

Be More Relevant: Relevance is the measure of how well your website relates to the term used by the searcher on Google. 
Warning: Using the same term over and over on your website does not mean you will be more likely to be found for that term on Google.  If you want to be known as the "best pizza place in Pikesville", it will not help you to have a web page with the words "best pizza in Pikesville" written 1,000 times. This is called Keyword Stuffing, and it is a no-no (Google quality guidelines against keyword stuffing).

Be More Local: Google often gives preferences to businesses with a physical location close to where someone is searching.  For example, if you search for "lawyer" on Google from your office, then search again from your home, you are likely to see an entirely different list of attorneys.

Being more local means identifying your location clearly on your website and getting citations from other authoritative websites that validate your location.  To do this you will want to ensure three things:

  1.  Your location should be specified on your website 
  2. Your location should be encoded according to schema protocal (more about schema here)
  3. You should use a tool like Moz Local, Yext, or Synup to publish your location to multiple authoritative websites that will confirm your location.

Be More Authoritative:  Get other websites to mention your website and include a link to your website. 
Example of links for Authority: Purgistics is an office furniture company in Baltimore that we have worked with for over a year.  In the previous sentence, the word "Purgistics" and the words "office furniture company in Baltimore" were both links to the Purgistics website.  That means that clicking on the word "Purgistics" or the words "office furniture company in Baltimore" will take you to the Purgistics website.  Google reads these links to the Purgistics website as an endorsement of that site.   When I use the words "office furniture company in Baltimore" to link to the Purgistics website, it sends Google a signal that the Purgistics website has "authority" for the term "office furniture company in Baltimore".  That can play a signficant role in your website's rank on Google.

Unique Considerations for Baltimore SEO

There are unique factors to consider when trying to rank on Google when people searching Baltimore. Being more relevant, more local and more authoritative will help you rank better in Baltimore or in any other regional market.  However, there are Baltimore websites that carry more authority than others and will make you more likley to rank better if you are present there.  There are also websites which are more effective for certain industries in Baltimore, but might be less effective for the same industry in a different city.  A Canadian local search software provider called "WhiteSpark" has a list of the best citation sources for Baltimore, MD.  You can see it here:

Best media website for links in Baltimore

  1. CBS (  
  2.  Baltimore Sun is second ( 

Most authoritative industry associations in Baltimore

  1. NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) 

A Few Words in Conclusion 

Baltimore SEO is pretty similar to SEO in most local markets.  If you're trying to get ahead on Google, you'll probably want to use the same strategies that work universally for good SEO:

  • Be Relevant: Use terms that relate strongly to what your target audiences uses to search for your goods/services 
  • Show You're Local: Have a Google Business page and use tools like Yext or Synup to curate your citations on other platforms, and be careful to keep your Name, Phone number, Address, consistent on all citation platforms
  • Be an Authority: create content worthy of links from area businesses and websites in general

It should go without saying, but don't be spammy: don't look for shortcuts to get more authority.  You built your business around delivering real value to your customers.  Build your Internet presence the same way: deliver real value to the internet and follow best practices to enable to know you and the value you deliver.

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